8 Ways Files Get Corrupted

Data loss isn’t just about fires and theft. There are many reasons files just get broken. A corrupted file is one that is there but the data has become gibberish. For example you open up an email and instead of readable text you see something like �-t�?h�Z�O1E��-�Ca �f�E??IG�Gq+. There is often no way to recover the original information so if you don’t have a backup you’re out of luck. Here are a few common ways files get corrupted:

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Where Is It All Stored? How Data Centers Impact Your Internet Experience

You are in Los Angeles reading a website for a company in Australia. Should you care about the weather in Virginia? It turns out you probably should. Consolidation of online services means it’s hard to tell where the information you are accessing is stored and how global events affect your internet activities.

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What To Look For In SME Backup Solutions

The small to medium enterprise falls in the cracks between incredibly powerful–and expensive!–solutions needed by huge corporations and effective but limited applications designed to allow consumers to preserve pictures of their grandchildren. Look for these key features when shopping for business backup products.

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